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Mixing and metering systems

We are the reliable and competent partner for all concerns regarding metering and mixing technology. Our systems and components are used for processing and application of multi-component polymers or 1-component media such as adhesives, greases, and oils in various industries. The high quality standards  products guarantee maximum precision and repeatability of the results - even in highly automated processes.

Girol rotating unions

Rotating unions is important part of industrial equipment is heavy industries, such as Steel, Glass, Rubber. Rotating unions can supply in rotating part of equipment liquid, gases even vacuum.

Spare parts supply

One of our company directions is spare parts and equipment supply for full range of industrial applications: Automotive, Construction, Electronics, Food industry, Glazing, Packaging, Plastic, Printing, Semi-Conductors, Textile, Transportation.

Сonsumables for printing industry

Printing and offset products are always requested, that's why so important to avoid machine stops and reduce repair time. Also important to get consumables such as Ink, Ribbons, photo and offset Blankets in time.

Disposable plastic mixers

We offer a wide variety of plastic disposable static mixers for 2-component (2K) meter-mix-dispense applications.

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