About company

    Vaartech Ltd provide a wire range of services in equipment supply, engineering consultations and system solutions. Now on a market is a lot of equipment and spare parts supply companies. We looks more preferred because of we are engineering company and our priority technical suitable solution submitting at first. With our experience and high skilled team we see our customer needs, as well can prepare a technical specification for manufacturer.
    One of our activities is mechanical components supplies, such as rotating unions, quick couplings, connecting elements, gas lifters, cylinders etc.
    We provide metering and mixing system solutions for multi-component media such as polymers and epoxy resins as well as single-component media such as silicone, greases, oils or adhesives. Our knowledgeable and professional sales & technical team work in close co-operation with the customer and material manufacturer to ensure that the machine specification is tailored to suit both the processing parameters of the material as well as the requirements of the application.
    We are partner of DOPAG, METER MIX, ASD-Tehnika. In every application where is in use adhesives, resins, silicons or lubricants, we offer high-quality solutions including high automated.
    Also, have a broad experience with customers, we can supply equipment, components and consumables for such industries: printing, textile, glassing, electronic components etc.
    Our company is located in middle of Baltic states, in Riga, that’s why we successfully cooperate with customers in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Scandinavia and Russian Federation.
    We believe, that a work does not being finished with an equipment delivery. We are always ready for providing technical supports, services (incl. post-warranty), as well supply of spare parts for an equipment.